Intro: "Fix The Goat"
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Hello world!!!

Here is a descriptivetory poem to tell you what exactly happened!!!

The King of the house,
Was driving down the street,
In the loved GTO,
With a wild beat,

In this accident.

When he hit the street going to his mother's,
From his wonderful home,
Thinking about his cool mufflers,
And about maybe getting a bone,
Of cash,
From his job,
Or better yet, for his one or two dogs,
Then his next thought,
Was what was for dinner,
Maybe a burrito,
Maybe corn on the cob,
Something good hopefully,
But soon enough,
There was a woefully,
Morale wrong.

He was driving down 14th,
The sun.
But he stopped at the next light,
For the red light turned on,
He sat there waiting,
Then suddenly it turned green,
He and his car moved as usual,
Until there was a flash of bling-metal-shining!


It was danger in the midst,
And boy, both driver and man were pissed.
Well definately the King,
Whose air bag,
Pushed out,
And cradled him,
But when he got out, of his smashed up ride!!!!
Man, his fists and the other guy's were about to collide!!!

But they both restrained,

When the police got there,
And took the eye witnesses' knowledge,
The other guy was lying, or something,
But the lady driver wouldn't say,
But anyways,
The King won,
And it turns out that the other driver skipped a red light...

Poor King,
When he went home,
He went to his child and wife,
And said,
"I had an accident,
Our good car is gone,
Undriveable kinda,
But I didn't do no wrong..."

Hard to explain,
About the red car's death...

Zoom, zoom no more....
Just heart ache and left over gore...

The End...

That pretty much describes what happened to the car.  I wrote the poem, but not the point.  It's just that, they really need this car now.  There truck isn't the most seated vehicle in the world.  And that is a car that they really liked.   So, please donate and help out okay??


Well, here is the webpage to go to!!!!


"Fix The Goat!"


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